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Security for your business
A range of benefits
Domestic secure keyholding Secure Keyholding

• Cost effective

• Peace of mind

• Rapid response

• Security

• All emergencies covered

• Burglaries, break-ins, fires, gas leaks

Our key guards are fully trained and licensed to deal with any situation. Our team will be your first response for any alarm activations, either fire or intruder.


The benefits of this service are endless, you'll never need to waste valuable time calling locksmiths if you lose your keys, you'll never have to come in first thing to a lack of power or a gas leak and the money you'll save on subsidiary services by hiring us as keyholders makes the service cost-effective.

Keyholding services can be incredibly useful. You'll never have to be locked out again thanks to our efficient service. Our keyholding service is perfect for the elderly who might want the peace of mind of a secure company having access to their home, or it's perfect if you need someone to drop into your house while you're away and check that everything is okay.


It's not always possible to leave a key with neighbours and with our team you're fully insured.

Domestic secure keyholding in Wolverhampton and throughout The Midlands

Security for your business with our keyholding surgery

A wide variety of benefits

We also offer an alarm response service for both domestic and commercial customers.


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Secure Keyholding